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Me vs Exercise

1503359405978623892812.jpgLike most of us around the world, we are always saying “This year I’m going to exercise more” or “This time I’m going to be ready for bikini season.” Is this realistic? Probably if you have enough discipline. For some of us, we struggle to achieve that goal every time.

After getting diagnosed with MCTD (that’s Mixed Connective Tissue Disease), I hurt all over since my symptoms mimic’s reumatoid arthritis. I’m a toothpick so I held off exercising, what could happen? Welp believe it or not, toothpicks are not immune to pudgy bellies and we also unfortunately start to gain in certain places where it’s no so attractive, especially when wearing snug clothing.

Fed up with feeling sluggish and having this not so attractive belly made me come up with a crazy idea, what if I came up with a lifestyle wellness blog and document my journey?! 🙄😵

Today is my first day exercising in I don’t know how long. I only did a 6 minFlat Stomach exercise workout I saw on Pinterest and I can honestly tell you that I am beat! Will I continue working out? As much as I don’t want to, I will. Will I continue to gripe about it? Absolutely. So join me on my journey, maybe it’ll give me more motivation to live healthier!

How do y’all live healthy and remember to exercise?

2 thoughts on “Me vs Exercise”

  1. Good job cuz! Maybe you can look for a work out buddy (for accountability 😅). Adrian and I, started to do yoga this year, but the walk-in classes were expensive, and we couln’t commit to paying a montly fee because we have other sport-related activities. I thought that was going to be the end of it. Recently, we’ve found a you tube yoga instructor that we both liked, and it has been great. I’m not a very disciplined about exercising at home, but thankfully, Adrian is 💪🏼 😀, so he is the one that helps me to get up.

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