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Autoimmune Disease vs Hair

Before getting diagnosed with my autoimmune disease, I had long flowing locks that I so desperately miss.

Let me give you a little backstory on my diagnosis. Back in May of 2015, I had a very very scary experience that landed me in the hospital. It was to the point where I couldn’t even move with out feeling excruciating pain. The ER said I had a virus since they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, but that I still needed to talk to my doctor. Although not conclusive, their test results appeared to indicate that I could have rheumatoid arthritis. So I was recommend I take Methotrexate, which is given to arthritis patients and also to cancer patients. I immediately agreed, I was in a lot of pain and I was not thinking about the side effects.

Three months later I start to notice my hair falling out, then it started to thin out. I knew I needed to get it cut and trust me when I say, I was tearing up when it got cut. Even though it was cut into a chic long pixie, I was still sad.

Thankfully I’m no longer taking that medication, but till this day, I’m still trying to grow out that pixie!

My wonderful and talented stylist recommend I try applying a castor oil and coconut oil hair mask. Says that apparently castor oil has been known to aid growth. I tried to find castor oil for hair online but Karen (my stylist) and her business partner (Stephanie) said that regular cold pressed castor oil works just as well.


3 TBS of cold pressed castor oil

3 TBS of cold pressed coconut oil

and apply on your scalp. I like to apply it all over to my ends too since coconut oil also conditions your hair.

While you can rinse it off within 30 minutes, I place my hair in a wrap or hair towel along with a shower cap and leave it overnight. Once I take a shower in the morning I definitely notice that my hair is nice and soft! I apply this mask twice a week.

Will this hair mask help me grow out my hair? I sure hope so!! But don’t forget to also eat healthy, drink tons of water and take your vitamins (Like Biotin)!

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