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To wash or not to wash…that is the question

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always heard that while you are to take a shower everyday, you’re only supposed to wash your hair every other day or you’ll damage your hair. Raise your hand if you don’t listen…but in my defense, I’m only following directions.

Once my hair started falling out as well as thinning out, I of course started to stress out, which didn’t help my situation at all. Stress + autoimmune disease = more of my hair falling out.

My boss who had just battled breast cancer, recommend I try a shampoo and conditionerwp-image-1036439497 for thinning hair. Just like the product from Mary Kay, I too was skeptical since I had tried a variety of shampoo and conditioners. But then knowing that we were going though the same path in growing out our hair, I gave it a shot, and I’m glad I did.

Nutri-Ox has a variety of shampoo and conditioners for thinning hair, plus it was also highly recommend by the ladies at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I went ahead and purchased the Extremely Thin, Normal Hair System set which comes with 3 steps. Step 1: use the shampoo to wash your hair, Step 2: apply the conditioner and Step 3: apply the treatment for extremely thin hair or chemically treated hair twice daily, approximately 12 hours apart after shampooing and towel drying hair, or when scalp is dry.

But there’s a catch…you have to wash your wp-image-1259567667hair daily. Now, because it says use daily to notice any results, does that mean that your hair will start to dry up? Well I of course didn’t want to dry out my hair, I researched it online, and according to all the reviews I found on the Sally’s Beauty Supply site, there weren’t any reported side effects. Personally I haven’t noticed my hair drying out, but then I have been applying my castor oil & coconut oil hair mask twice a week.

While the product is a bit pricey at $27.99, I strongly recommend this product if you are experiencing hair loss.

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