Humanitarianism, Volunteering

When You Give Others Hope.

So…I know it’s been a week since my last post, but I have a valid excuse…Hurricane Harvey. And it caused the people of the great state of Texas to go a bit bananas…

Once Labor Day came and went, the first thing anyone at work talked about was Hurricane Harvey and on how we could help, which was understandable since most of us have family and friends living in South Texas. The great thing about my job is that the entire company was on board in wanting to travel to Houston and help out the community. I was excited because I’m always wanting to volunteer, so when my boss asked me if I wanted to wake up at the crack of dawn and travel to Houston the next day, I immediately said yes.

Now I have never volunteered in disaster situations, so this was pretty new to me. Once we got to Houston, we met up at the company’s command center. To say that it was a bit hectic would have been an understatement. From people signing up to the variety of houses that needed help to making sure everyone had enough supplies and piling into their cars to travel to their assigned home. As we glanced at the huge map of homes that needed help, you just couldn’t help but feel torn and asking yourself, “Should I go help this home owner?” Or “But what if this home owner needs more help?”


Since we still hadn’t decided what to do, one of our national managers came up to us and said their group needed all hands on deck for this home out in Sour Lake, Texas. I’m not going to lie, but I didn’t know where Sour Lake was, but thank God for GPS!

Once we arrived in Sour Lake, we all noticed a few houses that still had quite a bit of water in their front yards, we noticed the trash on the sides of most of all the fences and we also noticed all the damaged belongings by the curb of the house.


It was devastating how much these people had lost because of the hurricane. You just don’t get it until you see it for yourself. wp-image-1813631648Our group stayed close to five hours and helped cut out soggy sheet rock and place it and the insulation into trash bags.

This was a memorable experience that was tough, dirty, and heartbreaking, but afterwards you couldn’t help but feel a great sense of accomplishment after being thanked numerous times from the home owners who had lost everything.

There are still hundreds of people who still need your help. You can still donate to companies like:

The American Red Cross: Visit, call 800-REDCROSS or text “HARVEY” to 90999 and donate $10.

The Salvation Army: To donate, visit, call 800-SAL-ARMY or text “STORM” to 51555.

SPCA of Texas: Accepting donations of cat litter, litter boxes, towels, blankets, treats, toys and newspapers. Donations can be taken to 2400 Lone Star Drive in Dallas or give money online at

Save the Children is on the ground in Texas, and has set up a relief fund for kids and families affected by Harvey.

You can also donate items to:

Trusted World Foundation


Tarrant Area Food Bank

SPCA of Texas

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